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TickkillzLymes disease is a serious health risk and organic tick control spray is great protection. I have had Lymes six times! So I found the best organic treatment from our bio-science partners which works with cedar oil and a plant based derivative that kills (ticks, mosquitos, and fleas) for an hour while it dries. The cedar oil repells ticks for 25 to 35 days more. 

Nat nematodes 2 cropNostalgia: Natalie dons the backpack sprayer!I tested it with my place. Our dogs always used to get ticks, but when we used TickKillz, there were zero ticks for 30+ days in multiple tests. We have used it successfully for 100's of customers for years. 

The product is also effective on fleas and mosquitos.

The company claims no harm to butterflies and bees. Our staff is careful to avoid spraying any moving insect other than mosquitos (you can't really see ticks), and we have noticed that insect life diversity is not impacted from monthly spraying. We still see plenty of lighting bugs and butterflies and bees on properties that are treated. 

We have battery powered sprayers of course, which makes application quiet, fast and easy.

Prices per application for 1/4 acre lots to 2 acres range from $45 to $200. A state pesticide license is required to offer this service commercially, which we obtained years ago, so it's worth noting that not just any lawn care provider can offer this service.

Ticks are out whenever the ground temperature is above freezing and there is no snow.

Call us at 203-254-9999, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or fill out our contact sheet here with further questions.

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MowGreen® cuts grass without gas -
(gas-based lawncare makes 5 to 10% of US air pollution).


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And Organic & Native Plant Focused!

MowGreen’s LawnCare is Carbon Balanced!

MowGreen®, 203-254-9999

Tending the average lawn with gas emits tons of greenhouse gases per year; like a car driving 12,000 miles, as gas lawn gear is 10-20 times more polluting per gallon than a car. Lawn Care is 5-10% of US air pollution. MowGreen cuts grass without gas. Over 1,000 metric tons of air pollution are avoided annually - over 30,000 acres mowed without gas, avoiding 15 MILLION auto-mile equivalent emissions (like 650 car trips around the world). MowGreen® is a carbon-neutral company, focused on sustainable lawn care technologies and services. Clean & Serene, No GasolineSM.

Values: Reduction, Ecology, Ethics, Life sustaining, & Respect, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Lasting value (REEL).

Missions: Get the Gas off the Grass! More Food Growing, Less Lawn Mowing! No Invasives, Let's Plant Natives! No Synthetics, Go Organic!

Vision: Network of locally managed and centrally supported eco-friendly gardening & lawn care.


MowGreen  LLC: Quiet, Electric, Organic, Sustainable, Low Emission, Natives Focused Lawn care in Bridgeport, Easton, Fairfield, Milford, New Haven, Trumbull, Weston, & Westport, CT. 
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