Quiet, Electric & Organic Lawn Care

Solar Charged Battery Powered – No Gasoline!

Over 7,000 acres mowed without gas, avoiding 7 Million auto-mile equivalent emissions.

Over 700 Metric Tons of air pollution avoided annually.

1 Gas-Mowed Lawn = 12,000 auto miles & over 4 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions per Year = 1 Car on road.


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    Organic Lawn Care
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MowGreen in the News

MowGreen’s Dan Delventhal says an all-electric fleet is a competitive advantage.

News 12 Report

Back in 2012 Dan Delventhal and Marty Murray mowed 4 acres of grass in Greenwich with push reel mowers to make a statement about air pollution and lawncare. It was 95 degrees out and they pushed 3 mowers […]